Week 9 - Prototype Delivery

Thomas Saly - Mon 11 May 2020, 2:45 pm

This week has largely focused around the finalization of prototype testing, creating the Video and the Supporting material for the prototype submission. As per usual the creation of the video took longer than expected.

Tuesday meeting:

After the studio on Tuesday, we had a group meeting where we decided on what each member was to do in preparation for the prototype delivery. For the team section of the video, Sigurd and I were responsible for making the script and structure of the video as well as recording most of the video required which was a lot easier for us since we live in the household, and finally, Marie used all the overmentioned materials to put the whole thing together.

Thursday meeting:

Based on the feedback we got from the tutor we decided we needed a paradigm for the whole concept so to do that, during our meeting during the workshop we decided on the following. Sigurd and I became responsible for writing the scenario we used for our team section and Tuva was responsible for drawing it.

General Thoughts

For the most part, creating the video was fairly straight forward, after creating a script the rest comes together fairly easy. When created properly the script shows all the required footage needed. Sometimes the timing can be somewhat challenging, luckily Tuva had the great idea for us to wait with our filming until she had a chance to record the voice bits, this made it so that we had a much easier time recording video because we now knew how long the shots had to be useful. Although this type of delivery including video usually takes longer to put together when comparing it to a pure text-based delivery, I have to say it is a lot more enjoyable and it was a nice break from writing the conference paper for my Thesis, the downside obviously being that it took away time from me being able to that, but you can't have everything.