Week 9 Session 1

Chuike Lee - Fri 15 May 2020, 2:03 pm
Modified: Fri 15 May 2020, 2:03 pm

Character troubles

I had some trouble last week with getting my character to change colours. It was a really simple problem but it took me a while to resolve. The character was imported from a Unity Asset package and originally came in a pink colour. When I tried to sprite colour in Unity it would change to any colour selected except white. I needed the character to be white or without colour so each time the player/ child does colour mixing they do it on an empty canvas so-to-speak. So eventually I asked a tutor why this character takes any colour but won’t be clear, empty, or without colour. It was kind of funny. The reason is because the character sprite is pink and using the colour option for the asset only changes the tint in unity but now the over-all colour of the asset. So, I had to download the original file and edit the character in Adobe Illustrator and changed the colour there to white. The image on the left shows the problem and the one on the right is after the Adobe Illustrator edit.

Imgur Imgur

That solved the colour problem however, a new challenge arose. I was unable to edit animation features to the character. I am still trying to figure this out. One option I have explored so far is adding bones to the arms on the character for a more playful feel/ experience. That was successfully done but now I am unable to add a mesh render to improve the animation. That I hope to get done by the end of week 11. The images below represent this process.

Imgur Imgur

Last minute tasks for the video is background character animations and finding the right place for projecting to represent the carpet. The wall isn’t a good representation but, I might have to use that. For now I will project on the bed (because that’s the most space I have for downward projection at the moment) and the wall. I will record those for my video prototype.