Week 9 - Usability Testing and Prototype Document

Sean Lim - Sun 10 May 2020, 4:47 pm

This week i manage to do some usability testing but due to time constraints, i wasn't able to improve on my prototype. However, i have gain feedback on what i should have improved on. This week i will be just working on my prototype document and video.

Imgur Imgur

Conclusion of Usability Testing

Based on testing and interview with the user, Using the tweezers can be a great way to allow user to practice their fine motor skill. The mechanics of the prototype wasn’t as simple as I expected for the users to use as they were confused on how to use the colour sensor. There should also be more multi-sensory learning to allow the users engage with learning because my visual element wasn’t as clear and the user was having trouble understanding what to do when he accidentally touches the aluminium foil with the tweezers. Having more challenges could also allow the user to engage with the prototype more.

  • Based on the feedback given from the user, i would like to implement more visual elements and more challenges to so that it will be more engaging for kids, instead of just using colour papers as visual elements, i will be looking at some of things that can attract kid's attention.
  • I will still be using tweezers to let the users practice their fine motor skills.