Week N/A - Project Meeting and Development

Maria Harris - Sun 22 March 2020, 10:00 pm

On Monday, the team meet up for 2 hours at Uni, despite the uncertainty of when the pitch will be done and having a one week pause. This allowed us to discuss the concept in more depth, to have a better understanding, using the ideas and notes from the discussion the night before. The meeting went well as we were able to finalise our concept and decide who would be in charge of what parts. The concept we came up with involved allowing users to create music by interacting with flat objects with a large surface area, such as a placemat. Users will then be able to interact with the objects to create sounds or tunes through manipulating natural sounds. After Monday, I worked on the introduction and aim of the concept for the pitch and started creating a draft for the presentation.


The team decided to have another meeting on Friday via zoom rather than face to face, this allowed me to learn how to use this tool as the majority of my subjects will be using it. This meeting was longer than the one on Monday as we went through the script and each person’s part. We then discussed what changes and additional information needed to be added. After this, we talked about what tasks needed to be done for the PowerPoint presentation and what was going to be on each slide. From there, it was decided that all of us would each record our parts of the pitch. The part that I was assigned to was editing the video.

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What I have done, so far, is record my part and have started adding sound recordings, clips and images to the video pitch, using Adobe Premiere Pro.