Week N/A - project process

Jiexiang Xu - Sun 22 March 2020, 6:49 pm
Modified: Sun 22 March 2020, 7:10 pm

Project Process

After the team formation completed, we came up with 4 ideas. Homemade sound mixer and punching bag with sound. In addition, music can be combined with shadow and color. On this basis, we have many new ideas. Finally, based on voting and analyzing the integrity of ideas, we chose sounds lab as our project.


Sounds Lab

It consists of several test tubes, a flask, a trash can and a dropper. The dropper collects sound and stores them in a test tube. If you want to mix the sound, you can pour the sound from the test tube into the flask and shake it. The role of the trash can is to remove the sound from the specified test tube or flask.



The idea came from a video. Both of the songs mentioned in the time commentary used some of the voices around them.

In addition, this idea also comes from the project content of other groups in the HCI class. Their project is to help users get better sleep through custom music.


Target Audience

  1. Music lovers and producers.
  2. Those who are interested in daily sound.
  3. Those who are sensitive to sound (Good at discovering the sounds around him; the sound of a particular segment will be associated)

Storyboard and Persona

Amy (normal user)
  1. She is having a picnic, lying on the grass and hearing the sound of the wind blowing the leaves. She feels happy and calm inside
  2. Record the sound with a dropper and stores it when she goes home
  3. lie in bed and she can't sleep. She wants to go back to that day and feel calm
  4. Mix sound and uses it to fall asleep peacefully
Dennis (Professor)
  1. Dennis is a professional music producer. He is out of inspiration while composing
  2. He is walking on the road and suddenly attracted by a voice. He thinks the sounds can be used in his music
  3. He records the sound
  4. At the studio, he tries to blend new sounds with songs he has already made.
  5. The new tune makes him very satisfied

Work to do

Although we have held 2 group meetings this week (determining the concept content, presentation content, and distribution of everyone's work content of presentation), and have made and filmed the paper prototype of the concept. In the next week, we will focus on the presentation. After the presentation, the concept will be modified based on the feedback given, if there are problems. After that, we need to discuss with the team members how to divide the large project into several small parts, how to implement them, and the assignment of tasks. The main purpose is to make a reasonable time and project schedule. Of course, in this process, constant discussions with tutors are needed, so that at the end of the period, the finished product can be made on time.

One of our group members has dropped out because of the effects of the coronavirus, and one of the group members is still thinking about the same issue. So in the next projects, we may face huge challenges. Therefore, next week's work is the top priority and must be taken seriously.