Zhuoran Li - Mon 2 March 2020, 6:40 pm
Modified: Wed 11 March 2020, 10:05 am

Before the course

About me

This is my second year for master of interaction design. In the past one year, I have learnt something that I think would be helpful in this course, including digital prototyping, design thinking and HCI, etc. I have built some physical interactive things before, like a simulation game which is for hatching eggs, and a music installation which is collective and encourage people to generate music together.

Thus, I have some knowledge about how to use arduino, which I think would be helpful in this class cause we would use many sensors in the prototype. And, I also know how to gather the users information and know that the design should meet their demand.

My job experience

As I have a job in the summer vacation and I found that in the work, it is different from what we learn in university, especially when the work and university are under different culture background. When I design the application for my company, I cannot just say “I want to do a user research, let’s find some users”. Because they need to protect company’s information, most of the user researches and tests are done inside the company and this is quite different from what I have done in university. A large amount of design is depended on the data or paper given by my college.

My expectation

My expectation about this course is that I want to learn new skills that would help my job in the future. As I realized that the work place is really different, this time I would not looking for some specific skill. Rather than that, I would more willing to get the ability to create things, to learn things. It is always better to learn fishing than get fish from others.