Jiajia Liang - Fri 28 February 2020, 12:16 am

Hi there

I’m Jiajia, a third semester master student of Interaction Design.

In the past year's study, I have understood the principles and processes of interaction design adequately, and participated in as well as completed several projects, which made me more and more interested in this field. However, most of my previous projects focused on traditional interaction ways, such as web pages and apps. Therefore, I hope that I can accomplish some things I have never tried before in the PhysComp class, with some positive innovations, could make things interesting and meaningful in the real life.

I have good function and practical abilities. It is very excited for me to hear that this course will involve laser cutting, woodworking and other things like that, but programming is the part that worries me. I hope that in the future study, I can improve my programming ability on the basis of give play to my advantages. However, currently, I am also concerned that because of the Australian travel ban, I can only participate the remote learning and cannot go to the classroom to participate the discussion. Despite Lorna's and I work hard, such as this Wednesday’s, the article of 7 challenges. I was able to share my thoughts with others online and get their perspectives as well. But in the second half of the course, I’m not very involved in the poker game. For next week's presentation, it's also a challenge. Therefore, I think I must spend more time and energy on pre-class preparation and after-class review to minimize the influence.

I have a feeling this course is not going to be easy, but it must be fun and useful. I hope I can record and reflect continuously, and really learn something.