Week1 Introduction

Jianing Jin - Fri 28 February 2020, 3:48 pm
Modified: Mon 9 March 2020, 1:16 am

About me

Hello! My name is Jianing Jin, you can also call me Sophia. I am always curious about new things and am happy to use my imagination to create something interesting.

I am a master student major in interaction design, and this is my last semester. Through the previous course learning and knowledge storage, I have a more comprehensive understanding of interaction design from various perspectives. At the same time, the study of courses such as graphic design, web design, design thinking, human-computer interaction and etc. laid the foundation for the smooth progress of this course.


For this course, I am looking forward to it, but I will inevitably have some concerns. I participated in the exhibitions held in the past year, and I like the finished products created by each group. I also hope to apply what I have learned in the past 3 semester and complete a satisfactory and creative work through the cooperation with the other group members. This week, I had a for a systematic study of the machines that I might use in UQ innovate, and I am looking forward to doing some handmade products.

As for the concerns, I am not very confident in my coding skills and for the completion of the whole process, coding should be a mandatory skill that cannot be neglected. I hope to learn from the skilled tutors and group members about it during the semester. Also, I am worried about the workload. As it is a 4-credit course and the whole process lasts only one semester, how to manage the time wisely and how to ensure the idea our group want to build can catch up the final deadline is a big challenge. Moreover, I am a little worried that the gap between the final product and our expectation due to limited capacity.

I hope to complete a truly meaningful and innovative work through this course, which will complete a perfect ending for my master study.

Week1 catch up

The following is the supplementary content according to the comment on the first entry.

Works done

The first contact session of the course is more about the course description. During the session we conduct a brief ice-breaking within the team and communicate with concerns, rumours, exceptions...about this course.

Here under are what our group came up with during the session.


How relates

Work to do