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A week passed by, we had clarification about how this course is going forward, and what we would be expected and do. Though, new concern rises when everyone was going to work together toward the end of the course. How it's going to manage with the tools and spaces? On the other hand, my curiosity increased when I was working on my poster. Thinking beyond current technology was fun and excited.

On that say, time management becomes a key that has been addressing in all past projects. I don't like to do anything in the last minutes. Sometimes, the brainstorming and ideas section took much time or rather in a rush; as a result, the product we had was not exciting and fun. Since we had more time in this class, I hope this would change with time constrain.

HCI: The Seven Grand Challenges

In our group, we assigned to Human-environment interactions. We started by breaking down and discuss over by small sections. Since we had a large group of people, we break into two groups. One of the classmates took notes, and the rest of us shared what we think and agreed. Below are the notes we had from our table, and the image of the two groups joined, in the end, to share what we found.

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My ideas and thoughts:

In this section, one of the areas that I was worry about (maybe a little exaggerated) was how our world is going to take forward with the technology with AR/VR. Are the users be able to find the balance between the virtual world and the physical real world? For example, HoloLens helps users moving toward real virtuality; however, the users might become addicted to virtual worlds and over-relying to virtual agents. It reminds me of a Korean TV show called Memories of the Alhambra, I saw over the break, it's about a VR video game in AR setting. The physical reality is the game environment itself. It's similar to Pokemon GO, but the users would play the game once they put on the gaming contact lenses. It merges of playing and viewing the game in the real physical world. One odd thing from the people who don't play the game, they would think you might have a mental problem. Once the user started playing the game, they will have big gestures moving in the air or jumping in a space. Without revealing too much from the drama for people who are interested to watch it. I would end by saying that the main character, in the end, doesn't need the contact lenses to play the game because he, itself, is in the game already. Nevertheless, people thought he had some severe mental problems, but only he knows what happened to him, and only the people who played the game would understand.

Maybe in the future, we do not need only lenses to view VR/AR. Minimizes is always an aim for all the designers and technology inventor. It is so-called a sleek design.

One other thing I take away from our group discussion is that beyond using our senses in most of the current designs. Smell and taste have not yet developed. I am interested in how our future design would have accomplished in these areas. Since it's going to be a new challenge to pave the way towards involving, evolving, and evaluating methodologies and technologies, I would love to be part of it.

Ideation activity in the class

We have an exciting ideation activity in the second part of our class. I have never used this method before; we used the porker as a design thinking tool. At the beginning of the group work, it was a bit confusing since none of us had played it before. Everyone was trying to figure out how to play; however, we got a tough sentence. Everyone in the group was having a hard time to rephrase it. I gave tried to try to open up so that everyone could share what they think. But it didn't let the conversation going. In the end, with the tutor's help, we started to break down each word to generate more ideas.


Next, we worked on some concepts alone. I don't know why somehow I got stuck with the words I had. I couldn't think outside of the box. I struggled a bit of thinking I can only write all the words in a sentence. I don't know why I would think that. It limited myself to thinking anything beyond that "one sentence." Here are some of my notes.

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