Week1-Self Intro

Shuang Wu - Mon 2 March 2020, 3:31 am
Modified: Mon 2 March 2020, 3:32 am

Hi everyone, i am Shuang Wu,this is my second and last year of my Interaction Design period. I really enjoy every semester working with teaching staffs and my peers, which teaches and inspires me a lot. Through every courses and projects i went through, i find myself getting addicted to the process of findng problems and solving them. Every final products created step by step makes me fullfilled. At the same time, the improvement i made gradually motivates me to continue working hard.These are all very positive virtuous cycles. However, all these comes from the hardership. Interaction design was a total new major to me, i didn't have any skill related to it. There were too many times i wished i had mastered some skills. Plus my unskilled english.Every semester means a challenge to me as well. Fortunately´╝îi made it, and with joy. Now, the most pround progress i made is my familiar with the whole design process. I even led several projects as a team leader. I found myself better at generating inspirations, problem soslving and user connecting paart.Part of the reason behind it is that i want to force myself to communicate with others to overcome my fear of making expression mistakes. However, that led the less participation in programming part. For the new semester, i wish i could do more technology work. By the way, the new physical operation in this course appeals to me. Just can't wait to begin.

(Sorry for the late submission of my Week 1 Journal. Because of the travel ban, i'm in Thailand now for 14 days isolation. Things didn't go well as expected, like lacking conversion plug and the broken routers in my room...Too many to complain! But i won't miss any assessment any more.)