Yifan Wu - Mon 18 May 2020, 7:09 pm


During this week, we critique each other on miro. We got some useful and practical feedback and inspired by some works. I will continue to optimize the work by this feedback.

Change log base on the critique

The critiques I received:
  1. Why people of different ages and genders do not like to do housework.
  2. Have you considered the safety of each space? In addition to the kitchen, other spaces may also have some valuable and fragile items. How to ensure that these items are not touched during the game is a question worth thinking about.
  3. Consider whether using games to do housework will affect the quality of housework. For example, if the user sweeps the ground in a game, will there still be some unswept ground at the end of the game?
  4. The use method is a little complicated. Please consider how to make this product easier for users to learn.
  5. The voice stays at the same tone the entire time and doesn’t fluctuate when you move onto a new topic.
  6. Could you somehow make an avatar for each player?
  7. We recommend that it may increase the motivation to use the product is a daily mission system like other mobile games.
  8. Mention what features of the concept and prototype you have contributed before introducing the prototype.
  9. How your work is related to/ contribute to the deeper exploration of the team domain is unclear.
  10. For users who have never used your system or similar systems before, they might not able to correctly interact with your system
The corresponding solutions:
  1. Do more research on why people do not like to do housework on different ages and genders.
  2. Plan a safe area in advance, and just set the target images in this zone.

Prompt the user to check in advance whether there are dangerous objects in the selected area before cleaning.

·PvP mode: the main zone should be considered because it is more fierce than the PvE mode. Empty space should be planned in advance to let people prevent bumps.

·PvE mode:This area is safer than PvP mode because the players do not need to move too much. Its solution will be the same as the PvP mode.

·Colelction system:Some objects that are easy to move or sharp need to be deleted. For example, unstable chairs need to be replaced with safer sofas and cups with shoe cabinets (to be determined). Try to select large stable targets as target images.

  1. Each game only selects a part of the area to ensure the cleaning efficiency as much as possible.
  2. Try to let users use only one operation to achieve their goals. For example, when changing the shape of the ball, change it directly, no longer set confirmation operation.
  3. In the next record, my voice will be more emotional and change the tone according to the content.
  4. Avatar is acceptable, but consider the complexity of the game operation and uploading target pictures is too troublesome. We will preset multiple avatars in advance, each randomly generated in the game. This will not only enrich the gameplay but also make the player feel that the game is not too complicated.
  5. The daily mission system is a good idea, I have considered it, but it is too complicated to be suitable for the AR game. In addition, I think that daily tasks could make players resist the game, so I set up that the player only needs to log in every day to get rewards.
  6. Actually I have marked it in the video by words, but I will use voice to emphasize it next time.
  7. I think I have mentioned it clearly in my report. I focus on continuous motivation about doing housework. In detail, I mainly work on the collection system of the game and a part of the PvP game. These two areas are interconnected and contain each other. More elements of PvP would be mentioned in the next report.
  8. Since this is an exploratory AR game, especially the collection system, it is good for players to have some unknowns, but we will also provide some beginner's guide before the game, and then they just need to touch the objects in the first game. In the next games, they will be very familiar with the meaning of related game item locks.