Bonnie Wang - Sun 17 May 2020, 10:07 pm

Prototype demo appraisal

This week we commented on the prototype video demo submitted on Monday in the form of a team. After watching the video demonstrations of the various groups, I feel that everyone's ideas and prototypes are unique. One of the works I am most impressed with is the concept of team Supparoo. To summarize briefly, their design is a ball that can share positive emotions. Users can share any emotion they want to share with their friends through the cloud in the form of recording. I think the starting point of this design is very interesting. Most of the presentations in the video can clearly express the concept, but I still have some questions about the details, such as how do players specifically choose the object to send the information to? What if the user regrets suddenly and doesn't want to share it? Is there a "withdraw" operation? I also mentioned these issues in team appraisal.

Individual work

For my own video demo, I also received a lot of feedback, which has great significance for my future work. Here is the feedback I have collected:

Imgur Imgur Imgur

Therefore, I have reflected on my own design work. In the next couple of weeks, I will focus on the following parts:

  • Differences in zombie sound effects. For example, the difference in the sound emitted at different distances (the distance between the zombie and the player)
  • Purpose and functionality of different sound effects
  • Detailed instructions on how players navigate the game
  • Insights into the details of the player experience
  • How to better help users to exercise listening ability

In order to verify the design process, user testing will be conducted in each future attempt to collect feedback and use for any improvement. I am also looking forward to the completion of the final game!