Week10 Reflection

Wentai Ouyang - Sun 24 May 2020, 9:17 pm

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What I did?

In my last prototype, I can use the punch card reader to the punch cards and insert the data into the web based IDE, so this week, I redesigned the interface of the website and start to build the web-based game. This was built by react and redux, now I can use keyboard to control the movement of the character and I also made a map for this game, as it shown in the picture above, I added some rocks and trees in the game window, and the character cannot walk across these objects. what users should do is to control the character to get to the destination. I also added a console window under the game window, so when users run the code, if there is any error occur, the error information will be directly shown in the console window, which will help users to debug by themselves.

What I will do next?

The game function still need a function to trigger game victory, and I still need to link the IDE with the game, in order to let the users control the game by punch cards. as for the physical part, I want to add some physical buttons to trigger the function of the buttons on the browser, so that users can focus on the physical devices instead of clicking the buttons on the screen.