Yifan Wu - Sun 24 May 2020, 10:47 pm
Modified: Sun 24 May 2020, 11:30 pm

Work has done

During this week, we consider another form to realize the project. However, this is a failed attempt.

Original concept:

Due to the fact that the google glasses used in AR may hinder people ’s actions and housework. In addition, the Vuforia is not so sensitive. It is a little bit slow to recognize the target image. It may not be consistent with the concept that we want to promote housework.

Failed(new) concept:

If we use the projector, people may not need to bring Google cardboard, and their horizons will be wider. Therefore, we try the previous plan: use the projector to show the virtual ball. Firstly, we install Arduino's radar module on the tool, then let it recognize the virtual ball projected by the projector.

Here is the projector made by us.


When we project the picture on the wall at a close distance, the picture is clear enough for users to use.


However, when the projector is far away from the wall , the picture will be blurred.


Moreover, when the light becomes strong, the picture nearly cannot show on the wall and the game can not run. But it is not totally a fail trial. The Arduino part can be saved to make up with the previous pure AR game mode.

Compromise solution:

After failing to use the projector, we spent some time observing the methods of mopping that users often use, and then optimizing our interaction based on these common methods. The Arduino's radar module could install on the tool or the wall.

In addition, we plan to put the mobile phone on the pole of the mop so that the camera of the mobile phone can recognize the picture on the floor.

Collection & Achievement system

This is the part I am responsible for. In this mode, because users need to explore things, so they still need to wear google cardboard. However, I met up with some troubles in converting real-time scene to VR dual screen mode because the user can just see the three-dimensional picture through the form of the dual-screen. I keep looking for a way to solve it and I will communicate it with tutors on Tuesday.

Base on the feedback, another point of change is that I set the achievement system before/after the game because getting props in a fierce game is a very impractical operation. Using objects on the ground as the target image will also be replaced by other images.

In detail, the chair will be changed into a row of seasoning jars/bottles because they are not on the ground and more related to the rank.