Bonnie Wang - Sun 31 May 2020, 11:19 pm

My progress

According to the last feedback and my plan, I have rearranged the game flow recently. A lot of details have been refined based on the last demo. The game's voice prompts are also more complete, which is conducive to improving the user experience, and also makes the game process and game description more clear.

Specific updates include:

  • Added a basic introduction to the game before the game started;
  • Added "Skip" option;
  • Add the function of adding game character information (set game character name)
  • Added congratulatory reminder for game clearance;

The following is the text of the game voice navigation(Take story mode as an example):

-Welcome to Hasaki!

-Next, I will give you a brief introduction to the game. If you are clear, you can "skip" through voice control at any time.

-HASAKI is an audio game. In this game, you will pay attention to complete the battle mission according to the mission in the game storyline. In the game, all missions will appear in the form of audio, you can complete the whole game fights according to the voice prompts through the weapon in your hand. OK, please enjoy the game now!

-First, please select the game mode. There are three modes which are story mode, practice mode and challenge Mode.

-story mode:

-Welcome to story mode. In this mode, you will play a superhero fighting zombies to defend the dead.

Hey, superhero, how should I address you?Please tell me your name!

-Great, [X]!

Just moments ago, a wave of walkers attacked and cut the power to the entire building. Now, please fight them in the dark.

-The zombies are coming. Oh, here they come.

-Please judge the direction of the zombies and kill them in the right direction!

(sounds played)

-Another wave of zombies is coming!

(sounds played)


-It's awesome! Congratulations on completing this level.

-Next, let's move on to the next level. . .