Yifan Wu - Sun 7 June 2020, 7:04 pm
Modified: Fri 12 June 2020, 4:20 pm


Based on the feedback, we finally separated the game into three modes: collection, rank, and start.

Summary of my work

  1. Collision sound in the start section
  2. Monster switch

In the start part, I designed three monster styles, and each monster was designed with five hygienic states. When the player cleans a monster completely, it counts down 3 seconds and loads another monster.

  1. rank system
  2. collection system

Prototype demo

Feedback intended to acquire in the exhibition

1.Effect of online exhibition

We need to observe whether the online exhibition can achieve the effect of traditional exhibition;

Whether they can clearly understand the expression of concept;

Whether the process of arranging the playback of the device allows users to clearly understand the interaction of the prototype and the .

2.Audience reaction

We need to figure out whether the prototype attractive enough to the audience;

Whether the interface ashestic in start /collection/rank scene is attractive enough for the audience's attention;

Whether the rank interface is enough to allow users to simply and directly understand its functions and functions to be expressed.