Sulaiman Ma - Sat 13 June 2020, 12:50 pm

Design process

In this week, I was doing preparation for the final exhibition, I was focusing on the final program, portfolio, and physical block.

Final python program

For the program, we met a problem which is the robot can not send the data of finding a wall to the python program, so Bowen and I were thinking about using a virtual map to achieve that, which means we create a virtual map by creating arrays and labeling the position of road, wall, start, and final. As shown below:


Physical block

Since this time, we increase the number of blocks to provide more possibilities for the users. But there is a problem which is that it is more difficult for users to pick the block they want among such many blocks. So, I was trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Then I came up with one idea which is to use different colors to classify the code blocks by using different colors, this will help users to pick up blocks more quickly, as shown below:



This week, I finished most of the contents in Word, then I will put it to my website next week, as shown below:

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Plan for next week

Next week, I will finish the portfolio website, and I will shoot some demonstration video for portfolio too.