Shuang Wu - Sun 8 March 2020, 4:58 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 5:14 pm

Pitch Reflection

This week,i was excited to hear my peers' pitch. It's always great to see what others' thinking. Thanks a lot to Lorna and all the teaching crew for giving us remote students the chance to participate in all the activities via Zoom and Slack.Thre are really some interesting ideas apeal to me.

The Musician theme is quite interesting. I love music, especially when i am im room alone, takaing a shower, doing homeword, i'd like to play some music. And i also thought about visulising the audio myself during my DECCO 7230 course. At that time i planned to design a visulised a music band by VR. The player can direct the music band as a cunductor.In a word, music visulisation is a appealing theme deserve to be developed.

I aslo like the Guide Shoews, because it sounds could really solve the daily problem for the blind people. We are all considered the blind people. This is a more practical tool to make their life convinient, and mine is game, focusing more on entertainment. However, when it comes to this shoes, all the notifications, like changing directions and telling obstacles are in the form of vibration, which could probably cause misunderstanding. And what if there were a indicator telling them all the stuffs around them, not just the obstacles.

There are many other interesting ideas, and i changed my initial view in the process of listing to others' pitches. Every time when i started to generate new designning ideas, like this time, i always thought about these ideas can sovle some practial problems. However, i suddenly realised that this thinking pattern limited my imagination. Just because of this kind of "finding out problem and solving it" mode, i cannot create some crazy ideas, but that just what this course expect us to generate. Crazy idea always sounds unrealistic or even stupid to me, but i realise i was wrong beacuse it's always the crazy idea can make innovations and changes.