Sulaiman Ma - Sun 8 March 2020, 8:10 pm

Idea presentation

On Tuesday and Wednesday of contact, people presented their ideas. All of the ideas are amazing, and I found some of them are really attractive to me.

Speaking shooting game

It is interesting that turning sound into the bullet to play a game. That is a really novel interaction for me. And I think that would be a really attractive way for the child as well. So, it would be great to make it a language learning game for children. Children can shoot the monster by speaking the words on the screen, and the more accurately they speak, the more powerful the bullet will be. It will a good promotion for children to learn the language.

Percussion Glove

It is a fantastic idea which can allow people to make music by clapping hands. The most fascinating part of the idea is it is collective and no limitation of how many people enrolling in the activity. It can be a show at a big event, and it also can be a game on a social occasion. Music produces fun for humans, and when people create music together, fun can be doubled. And my idea is that we can add more sensors to the people's leg and feet, in this way, people's dancing can also produce music.

Secret Handshake Lock

This idea is pretty fun. It is very playful and novel. Since normally opening the door with keys is a boring and frequent part of human life. The handshake lock makes the interaction more fun and natural. Obviously, it enhances the experience of daily life, and also increase the well being. I thought it will be fun if adding some silly games to it, it can be a prank or Rock Scissors Paper game.


After listening to different ideas in class, and checked the themes on the blackboard. The most interesting themes for are Musical Metrics,Body as controller and Creative Learning.

  • Musical Metrics* is an attractive theme for me because I am passionate about improvising and creative music. So if I can make a thing that can help people produce freestyle music, and can allow people to enjoy that, it will a good experience for the music fan. And according to Nicole Leatherman, music can help people relax, so I think it is meaningful for us to use music as the power to provide people a better world.
  • Body as controller* is another theme that I am interested in because I think for most of the students and working people, all of them are lack of exercise. So if body can be as a controller, the game can also be beneficial for people's health. And when using the body as a controller, it can produce double fun, one is game fun and the other is exercise fun.
  • Creative Learning* is also one aspect I am interested in, because more and more students get bored with the traditional study, so a creative learning method is in an urgent need for people. My idea is we can focus on students' interests and hobbies, and try to make students learn things from the activity or things they are interested to do.

Space Induction

In Space induction, I got some knowledge about the safety and rules in that room. And also some good tips for us. I thought a lot of useful tools and equipment in there, I hope they can help me in the future. Besides, the most important rule the tutor taught us is "Don't be dumb, ask the tutor". I thought it is a useful tip for me.

Plan for next week

Next week, I hope that I can get some inspiration from classmates and tutors, and I want to brainstorm some ideas according to the theme.


[1]N. Leatherman, ‘How Music Relieves Stress and Helps You Relax’, p. 5.