week2-Project Inspiration&Critique Reflection

Yifan Wu - Sun 8 March 2020, 8:45 pm
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 10:14 pm

Idea Presentation

About the presentation on contact, I get some inspiration from classmates. Some of the ideas have aroused my interest´╝îespecially some musical ideas.


The idea of "representing the melody of music with the shape of a string" is great. This means that music has infinite possibilities. The operations "play/create/explore" is practical enough to implement it. The most thing I am curious about is showing the natural scene by the music. This idea is a good direction to develop and I also curious about the practical implementation method. In addition, crappy operations can be added to increase the difficulty of the game for advanced players.

Percussion Glove

The drum is a novel idea I never thought of. I thinking the author can get some inspiration from the game "Drum Master".A single rhythm may be a little bit difficult for the player to play with and may use fragmented music instead. This can slightly reduce the difficulty of matching the game and enhance appreciation.

Immersive Art Gallery

Nezha is a great Chinese animated film, and the magic scroll in it left a deep impression on me. I think that the author can set specific tasks in advance, and then set the vibration and olfactory sensor performance methods in advance according to these tasks. In this way, the implementation could be simpler. Of course, I also look forward to better ways to achieve the world in painting.


About my remote presentation, I'm not quite satisfied with it because of the bad sound effect. Actually, the pre_recorded video is quite clear. I don't know what that sounds like to the field audience, but the volume on the zoom is really low. I sent my poster and the subscript on slack after the presentation and I hope all classmates can understand my concept.

Besides, the concept conveys by the poster is not quite directly. Vectors should be replaced by detailed pictures so that the concept could be understood more easily.

In addition, the specific implementation methods still need to be optimized. For example, the operation of pouring wine is too complicated to carry out. I need to ensure that the vibration, water sound, and visual effects are completed simultaneously, I cannot figure out some effective way to implement it. Maybe it could be changed to some other implementation plan. I will talk about it with classmates and get some suggestions from them,

About soldering

Since I only entered Australia on March 3rd, I was not able to participate in this workshop and experience the soldering. I have no experience in electric welding, but I have observed the general method of using electric welding by my friends. I will ask students who have mastered this skill in the next workshop.