Week2_class reflection

Zhijiang Wang - Thu 5 March 2020, 10:50 am
Modified: Sat 7 March 2020, 12:42 pm

Class presentation

This week we start to present project concept that we generated from previous week. It's quite hard for me to remeber and leave the comments for more than 50 ideas in 4 hours.

I am do love the concept,Elements, i generated for presentation, because the interaction mode, breath, is quiet novel and and this idea could be used in various context such as home, art gallery, meditation studio. From my perspective, this concept is like a bridge to connect inner-net with natural elements and help people to look at themselves.

However there is still a room for the further development after i listen to other's presentation. The most important thing i did not realise in my presentation is that that target user, who will be the user, how they are gonna interact with this project and is there any difference for them to interact with this project in different context.

In addition, i need to find more research to back up or change my concept. because so far it is just a assumption i made. i think meditation with the natural elements would help people to find their relaxation and inner connection, but it could be also distracted.

The reflection for presentation.

I spent more time on explaining why I am doing that rather than justifying why this concepts meet the requirements. if the Q&A section is for the public audience instead of teaching group, my ideas could be explained much better. This because I received some questions from critique sheets and these questions are the exactly the same like what Lorna asked me in the Q&A section.


At the first 30 mins, i was quite excited and looking forward to get impressed by the "fun" ideas. Unfortunately, i think most fellows restrict their imgination at this stage, they put more attetnion on how to make a practical ideas instead of making it fun and innovative. I'm not saying this is wrong or not good. it's just a shame to lose the chance to make the "dream" bigger. being practical and making ideas feasible is quite important, but the main purpose of this stage should be more open minded.


In the terms of communication, due to the time limitation, we are not allowed to ask a question or have a dialogue with the presenter. It's a little bit challenge to articulate the all concept in 2 minutes. The poster helps a lot, but some poster are too detailed and wordy, which is hard to understand. The logical sketch would be much better to help audience understanding the goal of the concept.


There are only a few comments about my concept and other critiques I received are just ticks.

I summarise these comments into two types of question. what is the suitable context and how it could be used in everyday life?

what is the context, if the everyday life is the necessary requirement, the best context would be home. used could have a meditation before they sleep everyday. For the broad use, they Art gallery could be a good place to install, because it could attract more users and let them to look at meditation in different way.

For the everyday life, I think it's a highly personal perspective. This is a meditation installation which could be used for meditation amateur everyday, but also be used by general visitor only once.


After presentation we had a session for theming idea which put ideas share the same characteristics. My brain was not working well after listening 3hours presentation. so I slightly participate in this session.