Week_02_Documentation & Reflection

Junxian Chen - Sun 8 March 2020, 7:33 pm
Modified: Sun 8 March 2020, 7:33 pm

The work done:

for this week, we mainly working on presentation and idea brainstorm. Also, there is a soldering introduction this week.


in this week presentation, I found a lot of interesting ideas. At the same time, some of these ideas do not fully use design rules, for example, the PT.8. which is a robot to help people and provide suggestion while they are doing fitness. it is designed as smaller as it can, but why not just use the phone? the phone has everything function that PT.8 has.

There is also an interesting idea: voice control elevator, which sounds good but it may face the challenge of accent. On the other hand, in a general situation, would you prefer to push a button or speak out? For me, I think to push a button may be easier.

For my own design, I have designed a smart cup that will tell users it is time to drink. Unfortunately, I don't know this idea already exists. So now, I try to change my idea into an office system which includes as many office things as we can. And try to make every product be your pets, for example, the smart calendar.



In this week's activity, we collect every poster together and list the close ideas. When it is an idea only, it sometimes hard to compare it with a similar product. By this activity, I found it will easy to help to tell the weakness of each idea and the relation between ideas.

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I also attending the soldering introduction this week. I used to repair my broken earphone with soldering, by learning this skill, I can image lots of interesting things that I can make in this course.


How it related:

The lesson I get from this week's activity is, The new idea is always not come up by yourself alone, communication is necessary, even search through the Internet is also a single way communication. The result that not to communicate is the idea you spent hours to come up with an idea that already exists.

The next lesson I got is extending the idea may lead to a surprise result. For example, when I think about the smart cup, I try to think what if every item on the desk become smart product. which leads to the idea of smart pet family.

Work to do:

By the end of this week, we get a list of 17 ideas.Beautify the Self

Change through discomfort

Altered Landscapes

Enhanced mundane spaces

Everyday sustainability

Musical things.

Emotional totems

Musical metrics

Emotional intelligence

Sassy tech

Guided movement

Bothersome tech

Change through positive reinforcement

Digital sensations

Creative Learning

Body as controller

Ability-centric interactions

I can see some ideas that appeal to me. which I hope I can give more advice next week.

Work that Inspired/Interested Me:

The smart calendar. The advanced of this idea is this smart calendar will talk to you to make a plan, and it will give you suggestion that if your plan has crash with other plan or you may hard to attend meeting A after you just finish meeting B.