Week2- Poster

Shuang Wu - Tue 3 March 2020, 3:07 am


Inspired and touched by Bertolt Meyer, who's born without an arm and armed with a mechanical synthetic one. I wnat to create something for the disabled people to make their life convinient or bring them happinese.Since they may enjoy less because of their physical conditions or the shortage of special designed products.I'm not sure whether my language or thoughts being rude, but i have no intention of offending.

Another inspiration is the trailer of a Marvel TV series i just saw, DareDevil.

The protagonist became blind because of an accident, but at the same time he gained heightened senses, which makes him can "see" the world even more clearly by echo.Even without vision, he can sense the world in a higer level by hearing.Back to normal life,auditory is one of the most important sense for the bline people. With more sensitive hearing ability, they can feel and react to the life more easier.At this point,i easily think of a popular game i played.

How to play: The plyer blindfoled, and try to hit another player by hearing their movements. It sounds easy, but when you cannot see anything, you start to realise that how dark and how difficult to sense the others. From this, we could know how important for the blind people to have a sensitive arditory.

My Design

I want to create a game for the blind people, which could also help them train their hearing. Of course, it can be played by other players.

The overall concept is to let the players make differnet reacts to sound from different directions. I call the game "Zatoichi"(It comes from the Japanese moovie:The blind swordsman:Zatoichi).The swordsman is superb´╝îso as his hearing. And the player in the game will hold a sword to react to attacks from different directions.


Be prepared: Put on headset; Hold the sword(sensor in it); Get blindfolded

When the game begin, the headset will randomly play the sound of enemy attacks from the front, back, left and right. The player has to make different moves to handle attacks. For example, when the attack sound comes from the front, player has to swing sword forward. So as the attacks from other directions, but the gesture will be different accordingly.

I wish this game would bring fun to all the players. For the blind, they can train their hearing sense as well.

"somatic game" "auditory game" "blindfold"