Week2 -Pre-recorded

Shuang Wu - Tue 3 March 2020, 5:12 am

Hello everybody,this is shawn. I'm very glad to share my concept to you. What i wish to create is a body sensing game, which is especially designed for the blind people. The initial intention was from a youtuber, Bertolt Meyer, who's born without an arm, but made himself a mechanical synthetic arm to satisfy all his needs, including his love of music. I was touched and inspired by him and wanted to design something for the disabled to make their life more convinient or bring them more happinese.And then i thought of a Marvele series : the daredevil and a movie"Zatoichi". The two main character are all blind, but they can see the world more clearly by their hightened sense of hearing. And then, back to the reality, i realized that the blind people can't feel the world as the superheroes. And their hearing level, one of the most important sense,directly affects their standard of living. Hence, here comes my design concept. I wish to create an interactive game , which is not only interesting but also can help train the listening ability. This is a somatic game that the player plays a blindfold swords man to defend against attack from different directions by soud. To be prepared , the player has to put on headset, hold a sword, which contains a sensor to capture movement and get blindfolded. When ready, the headset will randomly play the sound of enemy attacks from four directions, the front, back, left and right. Then the player needs to make different moves to attack or defense against enemy. For example, if the sound comes from the front, the player has to swing the sword forwards. And different guesture will handle attacks from different directions accordingly. In addition, there will be 3 modes: normal, hard and infinite to enhance playability and challenge. In different mode, speed and frequency of enemy's attack will change. So, basically, that's all my concept. Hope you like it ,Thanks for listening and please don't hesitate to critique.