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Kuan Liu - Tue 3 March 2020, 7:20 am
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Adults or children of any age, anyone can play.


Do we know how much water we drink in a day? It is essential because, on average, the human adult body contains about 60% of water, and we need water in our daily life. With the theme of water, I came up with a fitness running game called Run for life 2.0. I got my inspiration from a G Active sport’s drink commercial and the Switch game called Ring fit Adventure.

Why the droplets it’s important in this concept?

The droplets are an abstract way of representing our body water losses in 3D water human shapes. In this game, it would be the sweat loss when we are doing an exercise.

How to play?

Before playing the game, the wearable on the wrist will help the player to detect if they are dehydrated or not. It will show you an average of water you needed in a day and how much more you need to intake.

When the user interacts with the game, the water machine at the top will simulate the user’s movement with water form. The water human shape is the user’s character in the game, instead of only seeing the character in a digital format on a flat-screen. I want to bring the character vividly to life. There is a pad that the user would stand on. It has two buttons to help the user to get through the game. The visibility of the character depends on how fast you run. For example, if you run slow, the character becomes burry; hence, fewer water droplets. It might cause the character to tumble through obstacles in the game and lost life. At the end of the game, it physically shows the amount of water you had lost and told you how much water you need to consume to gain the water back.

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Inspiration materials:

G Active - Water Made Active


G Active - The Making of Active Water


Ring Fit Adventure - Adventure Trailer – Nintendo Switch


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