Jiexiang Xu - Sun 8 March 2020, 8:14 pm
Modified: Mon 9 March 2020, 1:17 pm

Work done

This week I had three activities, concept demonstration, soldering course and 78-208. In the demonstration, I not only received other people's opinions on my concept but also got some inspiration for improvement from other people's demonstrations. This has a huge effect on the development of my idea because everyone's opinions are very special and gave me a great shock.

In the soldering course, I used LED, resistor, breadboard, switch, and wires to make a simple light control device. Although I encountered some difficulties during the production process, these difficulties were all overcome. For example, the switch cannot control the light bulb (it was found that all the contacts under the switch could not be welded, but only two were selected); all components could not be inserted into the breadboard according to the circuit diagram (It's really simple). Although I have been exposed to Arduino in the previous course (Digital Prototype), because this is a long time ago, and in the previous course I did not understand some knowledge points, so I think it will be practiced more in the future and it is also a thing that requires a lot of time and energy to complete the work.

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Finally, in the 78-208 course, I learned something about safety and laboratory management such as laboratory rules and how to deal with emergencies.

Reflection on the pitch

Based on the feedback written by Lorna and my classmates on the paper, I found that everyone understands my concepts well and can accept them. This is one of the main purposes of the pitch. However, there should be more specific content after more innovative content. For example, according to the feedback of a classmate, similar items already exist in real life. Although I don't know which one he/she was referring to, it was clear that the idea was not appealing to him/her.

In addition, the same problem was found in the feedback of other students. A major problem is that their gesture interaction is not particularly new. And there is still a big problem with gesture interaction, the recognition problem. I also thought about the same problem during the design process, so someone suggested that voice interaction could be added. But I think that in addition to voice and gesture interaction, there may be more attractive ways to interact, such as using sound or temperature. In addition, how to pattern different recognized gestures is one of the difficulties in future design.

However, it can be seen from the feedback from classmates that they all think that this is a very novel way to express emotions and can be widely used. It can also be seen from everyone's comments that they prefer real buildings with lights over a building-shaped lamp or toy. When I first heard this idea, I was really shocked. It was indeed a more interesting idea. However, if the desk lamp in the concept is turned into a real building because the building itself is large, the interaction method needs to be changed (the crowd gathers downstairs, and the accuracy of gesture recognition is even lower).

I currently have an idea, according to the number of people around the building or they make some of the same actions, forming different levels of patterns or text on the building surface. At the same time, the buildings in the two cities can also be connected (the long-distance interaction across the city is a great point).

In addition to the feedback on the concept, I have some shortcomings about the poster and the presentation itself. The most important point is that I ignored the problem space in the lecture and journal. This is an important part of the design process. Under the premise of not consulting relevant materials, it is unreasonable to design an idea, and then add meaning to it. This process is very informal, and it should be avoided as much as possible in subsequent designs.

In addition, I also have some problems with the presentation. First, the timing limitation. During the simulation exercise, I was running out of time, so I accelerated my speaking speed. However, on the day of the contact, I saw the short descriptions of other students, so I deleted the original content again, so the speech time was too short. Although there is a comprehensive description of how to use this device, it does not give a comprehensive explanation for some information.

After thinking about it, I would prefer to add some descriptions of the scene to enrich the concept and content. At the same time, such a design can also allow the listener to enter the scene, thereby creating a stronger sense of identity, and also facilitating the communication and expression of the presenter.

Inspiration from other concepts

In other people's presentations, I was particularly impressed by a point of view. It is to install induction lines in the bus, passengers can control the different music according to heartbeat and body temperature. This view is particularly new, and it can make the whole boring class/work journey fun. But I thought about a few questions.

The first is security. The concert in the car will not distract the driver, and if the music is too loud, the whistle may not be heard, thereby increasing the probability of a car accident.

Secondly, if the line hanging in the air can be used as a handrail, how to involve the person sitting in the seat? And if a sudden braking situation occurs, the passenger's heartbeat will inevitably rise, how to control this sudden change in volume/tone?

Third, if everyone can control a musical element, but without the design of professions, the generated music may be very difficult to listen to. So how to ensure that beautiful music is produced instead of unpleasant noise?

But it is undeniable that this idea is particularly good. If it can be installed on a bus, I would be happy to try it. And this interactive way to control music based on heartbeat and body temperature is also particularly novel.

If I can add heartbeat and breathing sensors to my concept, then the shortcomings of the single interaction method will be complemented and more gameplay can be generated.

Work to do

In the third week, we will play the World Coffee game in class for further idea generation and forming group. So what I have to do in the future is to listen to as many other students as possible, and to choose a project I like according to my interests.