Jiayu Li - Fri 3 April 2020, 5:01 am
Modified: Thu 14 May 2020, 5:45 pm

UQ Innovate induction

This week I attended the UQ Innovate induction, which was very useful in our assessment. In addition to this, I completed all the required online tutorials prior to the session.

At first, we learned how to cut the plastic sheet, by combining machines and programming we can create any shape we want to cut. Different machines correspond to different materials, so we need to use the machines properly.

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I had the challenge of ethics, security, and privacy which is highly relevant for any technology (and most aspects in life, really). Then we learned how to use a machine to cut and polish wood, these operations look easy but dangerous to operate, so we need to be familiar with the use of these machines and the safety rules.

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World Cafe

We had a world café session this week before we form into a team. We discuss different topics with different people in the class. In this conference, I explored different themes, in which we used the idea of posters and divided them into 19 categories, each with a new theme. They face different users, interaction methods, and domains. however, each student only can join in 6 discussion groups. Time was limited, so I chose the groups I was most interested in. It's fun to share everyone's ideas, we can get new works from others' ideas.

Body as controller

This theme is the one I'm most interested in. We went through all the posters and tried to get some inspiration. In this theme, the human body is used as a controller to interact with the machine through movement or sound. The target audience is sports and game lovers. We tried to combine some of the ideas on the poster and generate new ideas. First, we thought that in addition to humans interacting with machines, pets could also interact with machines.


Ability-centric Interaction


Creative Learning


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