Week3 idea

Wentai Ouyang - Sun 15 March 2020, 5:02 pm

First Team Meeting

This Friday, we held our first group meeting, and before the meeting, each team member prepared at least three ideas, and by discussing together, we finally come up with an idea related with programming learning.

Final concept:

  • Board Game with Block (Contains Script/command)
  • Characters on board need to move Based on the script
  • Players need to finish the script first before the character can be played. Players need to press the start button.
  • This is a race game(multi-player)


  • help people learn basic programming
  • improve people‚Äôs logic ability
  • cultivate the coding interests


  • Teenagers
  • People have interest with programming



Our final idea is to help teens and coding enthusiasts learn coding in a creative way. We will make a maze from cardboard or wood, and players can control the robot to walk in the maze. The control method of the robot is to arrange and combine different instruction blocks. Depending on the order of the instruction blocks, the robot will give different feedback.