Week3 Reflection

Wentai Ouyang - Wed 11 March 2020, 4:03 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 4:30 pm


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This week, I take part in the UQ innovation tutorial, which mainly help us learn how to use different tools to create items. In this process, we will get in touch with many kinds of tools like saws, drills and laser cutter. The instructor give us many advice like when we push the wood close to the saws, we have to be careful with our hands and remember to clean the dust on the floor when we sanding the wood. At the first half part of the innovation course, the l can easily understand how to operate the machine and the safety requirements, but when we start to learn laser cutter, I have a lot of confusions. The laser cutter is like a printer, and the acrylic materials are like papers. When you finish drawing a picture with Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD, we can change the outline colour of the shapes, and each colour represent different depth the materials will be cut. The steps of operate the laser cutter is really complex and I tried my best to remember all the steps, but I'm still not sure whether I can operate with it by myself next time.

Tuesday Contact


On the contact this week, we did the world cafe, which is a good ideation method for people to brainstorm. In world cafe, each table will have four to five students communicate on one topic, and every five minutes, one person should stay at the table as the host and the other people should find another table and take part in the second round communication. We discussed about different ideas from context and target audience aspects, and give them some refine suggestions.

Wednesday Contact

On the contact of Wednesday, we take part in a guest lecture about how to find a job after graduate in Australia and I learned a lot about preparing resumes and some useful working experience. The other thing we did on this contact class is that we formed our team based on the theme we choose. The topic allocated to our group is about creative learning, and we come up with some interesting related ideas.

  • Coding education
  • Cooking
  • Instrument
  • learn circuit
  • Teach dog how to use toilet
  • Code Battle Similar to 7 Billion Human
  • Reservoir Leak (Based on Plumber Game in Android)
  • Battle of Element (Based on Little Alchemy and Card Game Like Owen Said)
  • Combine AR with circuit components card to help people learn circuit
  • Learn how to draw a picture
  • Learn natural elements by the AR and cards

Work to do

In the next week, we will have presentation about our final idea.