Week3-Reflection&Team Forming

Bonnie Wang - Sun 15 March 2020, 7:55 pm

In class on Wednesday, Lorna invited Bash to give us an online talk. Bash is currently a UX designer working in the UK. In his lectures, he talks a lot about the future of work, including how to find a job, how to participate in internship projects and so on. In the process, he also made some small interaction, let us write a description of their own paragraph, and then step by step from the screening, and finally left the most important word! So that we know more about our shining point! I think these activities help us to know ourselves, in other words, inspire me to tell my future boss that I'm unique. This is something that is very important to me and worth mulling over.

After a short break, we went through the grouping process for our next team project. Based on the intentions submitted the day before, I am happy that my themes and teammates are aligned with my preference. The first thing to do is to get to know each other and set some rules for our group, such as our work standards, our time allocation and our regular meeting time, etc. . Of course, The most important thing was The group project. The four of us took another look at The posters under The topic of ability-centric installation and had a long discussion about The Umbrella, we wanted to add more interactive experiences to the design, such as displaying weather information, arranging different weather patterns through the contraction of the umbrella, or alerting passengers to the upcoming vehicle, or providing information about train times. Other students also want to add information such as time, the umbrella wall will be changed every hour pattern and so on. Also, we wanted to add sound effects to provide some interactive experience for the blind.

Then we talked about designing a game for the blind, but it wasn't a great idea after all. So we decided that each of us would look up some more material and then discuss it further in order to stimulate some new ideas!