Week3_World cafe

Zhijiang Wang - Fri 13 March 2020, 3:28 pm

We went through world cafe, which is one of my favourite ideation method. We seperate this ideation into 3 rounds which focus on different aspects of our concept, context, target audience, refinement . This a little bit different from what I did before, usually we put the concept sharing similar characteristics together, and sit down to combine or change them to a "new" concept. Although this special change of world cafe allows us to pay more attention on details of the concept, it hard to only change the one aspects without other. The audience group and context is highly related.

Another thing is that there are two different interpretation towards this ideation method. We spend a lot of time to explain to each other to make sure we are in the same page. One is that we should choose a specific idea that we like and develop it. Another one is we can do whatever we want, as long as it belong to this theme. From my perspective, both have the pros and cons. Also learned how to reach a agreement in a short time, ideas are not that important, what matter is how we develop that according to the theory.

Overall, it's an effective ideation method without many constraints, and we do generate some interesting ideas.

Music as metrics(host)

Music playground

this an idea was based on music fountain and the bus composer.

Our target audience changed to the children group. In this music playground, all of the children can play the toy they like to make music. For example string can represent the sound of piano, slides can make shallow sound. although they are playing toy separately, but the melody will be combined together , resulting in an orchestra experience. I do think this really playful and is a transmission way for children to be familiar with classical musical instruments.

I hosted in this table, the second round is about the change the context, the playground setting was changed to athlete centre(including gym, swimming pool and basketball centre). The target audience was athlete. This is concept is also about collective experience, but more appropriately. There is a scenario we generate, a person doing the squat can control the wave of the water in the swimming pool, then his friend can have a different experience of swimming even surfing on this swimming pool. we were so excited to talk about this concept that we lose the core side, music as metrics. although it's a very playful and innovative ideas, there is no music as metrics here . Sticking with essence of the theme is really important.

Digital sensation

My idea "elements" was here, we talked about how to achieve this and make it more feasible.

one of the idea is to combine with VR glass, when the users wearing AR glass and start to do meditation , the glass will show them the natural element like it's raining . that's the easiest to achieve this idea, but I don't really like this, because it's not fun , it's still digital experience , my motivations was to let to get rid of technology to look at them self.

the other idea is a nose piecing which can detach the breath of user. that's kind of fun and gangster style. once the nose piecing connect with the installation it will change the natural elements according to the breath . some elements are easier to get rain and wind, but things like snow and thunder is kind of harder. for the thunder my idea is to use cloud as form, as project the thunder shape on the cloud to simulate those natural elements.


In this table, I found most concepts more like an advanced technology instead of interactive device like recycling bin which can classify garbage according to the material , smart refrigerator can detect the condition of grocery. What I think really funny is the smart wardrobe which can show you the . And classmates justify that because you can see how you look like with those clothes without buying them, as a result of this clothes production will be decreased. I do think this is a really good point to look at the sustainability. We can give user mental satisfaction to stop them doing certain thing which is not sustainable. This fantasy of having something could be a really good point to be used in persuasive technology. i think persuasive technology would be suitable for the most concept of sustainability. It’s all about how to educate people or inform them the importance of sustainability. In the light of myself, I really think this is a really tough technology, which require various knowledge, neuroscience, public recognition, education and etc. Different people have different mental model which are shaped by their past experience. most persuasive tech remain on really superficial side, positive and negative reactions toward their behaviours. That is really hard to convince users to change their behaviours , everyone have ego especially adult. Even but it will only work for a small group people who share the similar characteristics.


This a really good ideation method which create a lot of interesting ideas, but it’s really struggling to work with people in round 3”refinements” which require us to make ideas feasible. That’s really hard for me and my classmates , because most of ideas are amazing and ridiculous. And I don’t even have a engineering background.For example It is really hard for me to think about how to connect rain water with breath. Even if we make things feasible, but it will lose it's originality , which cause to be a normal concept.