Week3-World Cafe

Bonnie Wang - Sun 15 March 2020, 7:52 pm

On Tuesday, we have a very exciting world cafe event. In the activity, I participated in many topics, including Enhanced mundane spaces,Emotional totems,Emotional intelligence, Digital sensations,Sassy tech,Ability-centric interactions and Body as controller. My favorite theme is Enhanced mundane spaces. We talked a lot about this topic, such as what interactions people can have while waiting for the elevator to make the elevator less awkward and quiet. Or what people can do when they take a bath to make it more fun. I think the theme is both close to life and full of interest.

Another theme that impressed me was the Body as controller. I see Walley's idea of running hands. The idea of a finger-controlled game is simple and playable! I also saw The Umbrella designed by Horace, and I thought the visual effects of this interactive installation would be very touching. I was thinking that if I could apply this idea to other devices, there would be a huge visual boost!

In addition, many of the subjects in the emotion group were thinking in terms of stress relief. Among them, there is the use of smell for design. I think this starting point is very novel. But it's not an easy thing to identify smells, and my idea is that it's a chemical thing, and for some natural flavors, it might be possible to detect some particular chemical component through some chemical reaction, to pick out specific odors.

The theme of Ability-centric interactions is design for the target groups which focus on some specific people. This theme got me thinking, because a lot of the cases are products designed for people with disabilities. Compared to the other themes, this one is a little more serious and less interesting. My thought was, how fulfilling it would be to be able to design an interactive device that provides some entertainment for disabled people! So at the end of the voting process, I gave my vote to the topic, and I look forward to further discussions with the rest of the group!

All in all, the world coffee event really brought me a lot of new ideas as expected, and some of the inspiration can be applied to the design of Future group projects, this is the most gratifying point for me!

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