Zhijiang Wang - Tue 24 March 2020, 9:16 pm
Modified: Wed 25 March 2020, 11:21 am

Pitch reflection

Our group hand gang pitched our idea through a pre-recorded video via zoom. Both teaching staff and classmates provided really insightful and useful feedbacks. The major concern is about whether the form, hand, would be too heavy in the daily context. This is a point we did not realise before. We were focusing on how to make it sassy and innovative but not portable. This is a wearable device, the portability would be really important part of user experience.

to change it to social context, helping people to make friends. I came up with an idea is like a "hand tinder". this hand can detect who you like and if the person who the user like is approaching him it will wave to them to grab their attention. I think this could be a good solution to avoid the embarrassment that initiate a conversation . it would be definitely helpful for the introverts who want to make friend but is shy to express their emotions.

We were thinking about this "positive" side, but it's a little bit hard to find a balance between friendly and sassy. but definitely, this would be a direction we can look at.

We wanna convey the emotion and meaning via sassy gestures. But Some fellow mentioned the meaning of gesture.might not be universal , It represents different meaning in different country. My group member and I will talk about this, if we stick will the gestures things.



It was fun to use this online meeting app, although it crashed at the middle of our class.

The most valuable things I learnt from zoom is the importance of in person teaching. This online teaching experience make me delussional, and hard to concentrate on that. I don't really feel engaged to participate into the discussion.

I think one of the most important value of this course is the physical feeling. People still value the authentic feeling, because It is much easier for us to build compassion or attachment with the physical object rather than digital stuff. Although there are many things are becoming digital, the authentic feeling is not replicable at this stage. If they will like the things they can touch they can feel in the real life.

This online studying experience might be an interesting topic I should discover in the future. why the people feel much more engaged and attached in the real world context.