Yifan Wu - Sun 29 March 2020, 6:54 pm
Modified: Sun 5 April 2020, 9:28 pm

General Feedback:

positive ideas:

  1. Incentivising housework is an interesting space
  2. Interesting to see how children can be motivated to clean by using games
  3. Wouldn't want people waving around a knife
  4. trying to solve an actual problem in our daily life.
  5. A clear description of the concept including persona, storyboard, prototype

Constructive ideas:

  1. make the interaction between multiple users more continuous
  2. using a projector in a well-lit room or several rooms may prove a challenge.
  3. each type of chore have it’s own challenge/expertise
  4. sound could be used to help with understanding ball movement around the house
  5. punishment vs reward
  6. track who catches the ball and capture the work done
  7. change the ball projection into something else

Team progress

Work completed

  1. Determined the overall plan
  2. Determined what to improve
  3. After the group was downsized, there was a careful division of labor for each person
  4. Collected and organized everyone's comments on the presentation
  5. Start making a paper prototype

Reflection of completed tasks:

  1. Speed up communication efficiency, and respond to Facebook in time
  2. Google drive shared, put all shared files in one place
  3. Google drive upload pictures need to be named and sorted for teammates to use
  4. Help other teammates while completing tasks
  5. Communicate task progress in a timely manner
  6. When getting stuck, ask teammates for inspiration instead of thinking alone

Next step

  1. Determine the number of chores
  2. Determining the characteristics of each type of household chore
  3. Determine the sound effect during a collision
  4. Determine the evaluation method
  5. Complete paper prototype
  6. First paper test with a paper prototype

Individual process:

Next step:

  1. collect the material and start making the prototype
  2. prepare Arduino and the collider
  3. investigate the code that can make the ball slowly pop out of the water
  4. research family games to find ways to increase interaction and improve every way of chores

Reflection of completed tasks:

  1. Drawing speed is too slow, don't pay too much attention to beauty, the main purpose is to express meaning.
  2. Pr is unskilled and cannot help teammates edit special effects to speed up efficiency.
  3. The connection between Arduino and the projector has not been figured out, and we have to find a way to solve the related code problems.