Sulaiman Ma - Sun 29 March 2020, 10:22 pm

Preparation for Presentation

For the preparation of the concept, we did an online meeting on the Zoom. After the discussion, we got clean on how to present our idea. We chose to use a paper prototype because it is the easiest idea for people to understand the idea. We assigned the missions to the team members.


Online Contact Session

During the online contact session, we reviewed the ideas of other groups. From the process, we got many useful tips from our classmates and the teaching team. Me and team member analyzed the critiques, and summarized a conclusion:

  1. Explore the gap between plaint-language and coding language
  2. Change the target audience from age 9-12 to the people who never learn the coding language (the age is not enough specific for our project, cuz there may a lot of children already had the foundation of coding)
  3. Maze — Box moving (From Zebing Yao, Clay 'I think keeping the robot in the maze is limiting')
  4. This would allow for the robot to modify its own code being able to correct your code. (From Clay)

Concepet Reflective

After a discussion with my team, we decided to modify our concept according to inspirations from the critiques. Bowen found a robot named Anki, which is a sound-control robot that can move according to the sound commands. So we decided to use a computer camera to identify the scripts on the block and generate a sound command according to the scripts. In this way, the robot will move according to the blocks' scripts. Besides, we want to change the maze game into a Box game which asks users to push a box to a certain place. In the future, we will design different difficulty levels for the box game.