Zhijiang Wang - Mon 16 March 2020, 3:13 pm

We formed a team last week named hand gang.

Obviously, the form we are gonna choose would be hand and our domain space would be sassy tech. The hand form comes from "secret handshake" which can open the door though giving correct handshake to the robot hand.

We all think this a really interesting form, in most cases, robot hands are considered as an extension of human hand that do the same thing but more precise and delicate. In our concept, we will assign new meaning to the hand to have a different interaction.

We decide our form first then give it context and function , which is different from normal ideas generating. So we use "why" ideation method to develop our concept.

Form( when we talking about , what we can use and interact with the hand)




Why sassy tech

Behaviour management

Mental satisfaction

Why hand

hold something

Sign language

Punch, rub, tickle, twist


Stop casual talking


Rules keeper


What Context

Group discussion

Formal meeting

Contact class

Interaction mode

voice instructing


This hand will have different modes(school, social, group meeting). In school mode, the hand will point at students who speak at an inappropriate time ,like the lecturer is speaking. Also it could detect who is playing their phone.