Bonnie Wang - Sun 29 March 2020, 9:14 pm

Due to the Coronavirus, all of our courses moved to online. Hence, from this week, we need to attend class through Zoom.

In this week's class, we presented as a group, and chatted with classmates, tutors, and teachers after the presentation, and collected a lot of feedback.

About our team's concept

Our team's concept is Hasaki which is a hearing-centric swordman somatic game. Our theme is Ability-centric Interactions, so under this theme we thought of designing a game for the blind to enhance their hearing. From the perspective of human value, we hope that this design can meet the needs of improving listening, perceiving the world, and entertainment.

Individual work

Made a simple sketch for this game for illustration:


The use of the entire game is as follows:

  1. The user stands in the circle.
  2. An aggressive sound is played.
  3. The user judges the direction and then fights back with the weapon:

    If right — 4.Moving on to the next level.

    If wrong — Minus one health If right — 4.Moving on to the next level.

                                                        If wrong — Minus one health If right — 4.Moving on to the next level.

                                                                                                         If wrong — Lost all three health — game over!

Note: The user has three chances totally in each level.


Game storie

  • Design various stories to fit different levels

Game mode / difficulty

  • Add ambient sound and touch (rain / wind…)-Simulate game scene
  • Provide-provide interference
  • Accelerate attack frequency

Action detection response

  • Feedback is provided to the user in response to the action (via prompt sound effects)

The main feedback that we have collected

  • considering looking into examples of vertical slices-I believe these will reduce the scope of what you'll need to do, so you'd only need to work on a specific section, allowing it to show off just the highlights kinda
  • To enhance the intensity of interactions, and you can also consider the multi-player mode.
  • Consider could be collaborative? Could be a wearable technology? For example, friends can wear the device to fight with each other.
  • If there is only four speakers, this is too easy even for the blind people. Put more.
  • On a technical note you can get full 3d audio just on a pair of headphones. The examples you showed had the people using their hearing to move getting more information from the surrounding environment than just enemy direction. Having people listen for quieter sounds and giving the player the ability to move around the room would add interesting complexity. Other control methods could also be added by using a cane as well for the user to be able to feel their environment.
  • Safety is something that needs to be taken into consideration since waving around a sword of some kind leaves risks in it self. Another thing is that the target group (blind people) is a very sensitive target group and you guys should therefore be careful when making something for this group.
  • Check the game “seeing” produced by Tencent to get more inspiration. More interaction could be considering what would happen when they fail to cut the laser, what would happen when they cut enough amount of the laser, how they can stop the game and what would be the gesture to start the game.
  • It would be real interesting if the audio was moving instead of static sound at each speaker.
  • First, attack methods can be more diverse, such as using multiple weapons. In addition, monsters can be varied to increase the difficulty of the game. The type of monster can be perceived by different sounds. Bseides, the sound of the hit can also be changed. For example, if the user cuts the monster, one kind of sound is produced; when player miss, play another kind of sound; when player hits the key, the third sounds can be played.
  • Could be interesting to use sound to navigate around in a dark room / maze.
  • Great idea, but instead of just 4 direction of speakers will you conside make it 360 around the player.
  • At the moment it seems quite simple and could get boring quickly so I think you need to add another element / story / object to engage users.
  • To add some new skills for the player? Or design some unique attack way for the enemy and make it a VR SEKIRO, or maybe you can combine it with fitness game cause repeat is acceptable in fitness.

Future Development

  • Add a plot to this game.
  • Research more technology backups.
  • Try voice and gesture recognition system.
  • Rethink the game mode-adding mutiple-player mode.
  • Consider the safety issue for the player.
  • Rich interactive experience。
  • Detail the game contents.
  • Consider wearables - headphone - 360-degree stereo surround