Week5 - Research

Zhuoran Li - Sun 5 April 2020, 10:01 pm


I made the questionnaire and ask my friends to fill the form, but there is something that I am concerned about. As most of my friends are around 20 years old, the sample group is actually not what we want. It can reflect on the demand of young people but as our target audience also include people who are older. I am afraid that the result cannot tell us what older people are thinking. So, I decided to make a Chinese version, but due to the network, it's hard for people in Chinese to access google doc. And now, I do not know how to access the people in Australia who are around 30 or 40 years old. So, right now, I am facing some difficulty. Trying to work it out with my teammates.

Content of Questionnaire

I have divided the form into five short parts. The form can be completed in two minutes. The parts include:

  • some basically information about housework
  • How often do you do this housework?
  • How much do you like this housework?
  • Game preference
  • Housework and game

Most of the questions are yes/no question or linear quantization problem so would not take a long time to finish.


The interview questions include two parts: housework information, entertainment.

For the first part, I have prepared some questions:

  • Who are you living with?
  • What's the situation do you think "It's time to do housework"
  • Are there any specific chores that you really like or hate and why?
  • How will you emotion change during the housework?
  • Can you remember something interesting that happened during the housework you have done?

For the second part, I have prepared some questions:

  • What would you do for entertainment with your family members?
  • Have you ever doing something fun to fill in the boring time?
  • Would you focus on the housework only? or would you do something else in the meanwhile? What's that thing and why would you do it?

Other questions would be added according to the answers given by participants.

My plan is to finish the interview in 30 minutes, and I really want to interview a family rather than an individual. But I'm still looking for participants.