Week5 - Team

Zhuoran Li - Sun 5 April 2020, 9:40 pm

Determine the form of cooperation

The most important thing in the Tuesday section is to decide which option to take.

Some elements have been taken into concerned.

  • the innovation space in the university is also not accessible anymore.

This means we need to be more cautious with our ideas and try to avoid the resource that we are not able to have.

  • Due to the policy, it’s impossible for us to sit and work together.

Thus, we need to figure out what can we do to reduce the amount of team cooperation. Fortunately, my roommate Yifan also has this course and we are in the same group, which means, at least we can complete something together.

Basically, I and Yifan would work together, and because there are only three team members right now, so we talked with Gloria. She could join us but the barrier would be the method of cooperation. Some physical items would be hard to share. And we also worry about the coding part. Will it be difficult for us to work on the same file? Another option is to work on another project which is related to the domain. As her original idea is different from ours, it could be a chance for her to do something she would like to do.

We also asked for advice from Lorna. At last, she chose to work with us, and she would focus on developing the idea further based on our project. I have to admit that I am worried about the coding part and the cost of our project might be higher because we need to use two sets of equipment. Well, this is a special period, I have to accept all the possibilities.

Division of labor

The second step is to decide the division of labor. I created the google doc as usual. We decided to look into the problem space by looking through the academic paper and in the meanwhile, we would conduct some user research based on the problem. The users' research includes a questionnaire and online interviews. We also need to explore some examples and existed projects which are related to our problem space. So, Gloria and Yifan would do more about academic research. I would be responsible for the user research and example exploration.

We would share the result in the google doc and begin to write the report on Monday.

P.S. I really wish the google doc could provide the function of the Gantt chart.


It's time to start the research. And it comes to the individual work.