Week6 Reflection

Wentai Ouyang - Sun 12 April 2020, 7:52 pm

Report Back

On this week's contact session, we report back our progress of our current idea. As for me, because in our group, we separate our group project to individual project, so I just mentioned about my individual ideas and my next plan for my new idea. My new idea will focus on how to guide the children to learn the programming, and I want to combine the coding learning with a manual or user book, which is inspired by the coding game Shenzhen I/O. I also mentioned my progress of learning Arduino.

Methods for discovery


The other activity we did is to fill a Miro board to define our concept thoroughly, by making the tree diagram, we can make sure we all agree on every details of our concept. In this chart, we explored our concept from two aspects : The Thing and The Context. The thing mainly focus on the form and function and the context mainly focus on the target audience, time and place.

Arduino Tutorial


On Thursday, Ben and Steven taught us a lot about Arduino via zoom. Although I used the Arduino before, but to be honest, I still confused about how to link the circuit and interact with other software. I will keep learning on it and try to find out how to achieve the main function of my concept.