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During this week, I completed the work I planned last week. The most thing I do is to continue the task last week, especially the part of the user research.

User research



From figure 1, we find out that more than half of the teenagers of the interviewee's family do not have enough motivation to join in the housework. Therefore, we need to attract the attention of teenagers. To achieve this point, we need to create some elements they are curious about. From the data in the interview below, we find out that they are curious about PVP elements and good sound effects. In addition, because some parts of children do not like too much physical movement, we will not set some scenes which could need too much movement. For example, the ball should not show too far away from the children so that they do not need to move too far to catch the ball. This can also reduce the risk that they bump into things around them.

In the part of couples, they could be limited by space, so the movement limitation could follow the requirements of the children's group.



We interview two groups of families. The first group of the family consists of four people, parents, big sister, and little brother.

Here are the general questions of the interviews:

  1. Who spends more time doing housework? Why?
  2. Will you join in the housework? Why would you? Why not?
  3. How do you feel when no one helps you?
  4. What do you think of playing while doing housework? Be specific.


  1. I nearly do not do housework at home because I am always busy working. To be honest, my wife does the most housework because her work schedule is more flexible.
  2. I would wash dishes and clean the floor on weekends because my wife is so hard, I want to help her share the pressure.
  3. Because I just do the housework on weekends and I can finish it quickly, I think it is relaxed. Maybe it is because my wife cleans the floor on weekdays, so I do not need to spend too much effort to clean up on the weekend.
  4. I think there can be because this is a rare time to spend time having fun with my family. To be specific, I think the game should not affect me too much in housework.


  1. It is me definitely. My daughter will also help me to do something like mopping the floor. My husband is busy with his work and my son is addicted to video games, so they nearly do not do any housework.
  2. I will join the housework because the others would not do too much if I do not do it. In addition, I do not want to see the mess at home.
  3. I will feel very happy. My daughter would help me do something when she is at home. Although she cannot help much, I still feel very happy because she cares about me.
  4. I can it could be accepted if it can be played if it's a multiplayer game. I think it cannot move too much, it must be safe, and I worry that my family will bump into something around them.

Big sister:

  1. It is the mother. I could do more than my father and brother. Father always does not at home, so mother and I are responsible for all the housework on weekdays. My brother is always busy with his video games.
  2. I think I should help my mother share housework; she is too hard to undertake all housework. But I could not do housework for too long, because too long physical work will make me feel exhausted. I will help the mother to do a part of it, as much as possible.
  3. I have no feeling because I do not do too much. But if my father and brother can take part in, I think it could be finished more quickly.
  4. I think it must be fun. But I do not want to exercise too much, because the housework itself is tired enough. If there are enough people, the intensity can be increased.

Little brother:

  1. My mother. She is the manager of the family. Father will help her on weekends, my sister would also do some part of the housework.
  2. I would not join in the housework because it is boring. It really cannot arouse my interest. But I will clean my own room every few days. I cannot stand playing games in a messy environment.
  3. I do not feel anything, because it is proper to clean my own room.
  4. It is a great idea to make it a game. But it should be interesting enough, otherwise, I may not have the motivation to continue playing. It should have some PVP elements so that I can show them my game level. In addition, the sound effect should be good. I would be stupid if we play the game at home without voice or just a bad voice.
  5. Who spends more time doing housework? Why?
  6. Will you join in the housework? Why would you? Why not?
  7. How do you feel when no one helps you?
  8. What do you think of playing while doing housework? Be specific.


  1. We do the housework together. Strictly speaking, she does more than me because she is responsible for cooking. It is her job and I do not have an opportunity to join her.
  2. Yes, absolutely. I like to live in a tidy environment. It will keep me in a good mood.
  3. I think this does not exist in our lives, because we will consciously organize housework. But it could be more efficient if someone can help me the incorrect way.
  4. I think there should be an appropriate process. If the process is not appropriate, the efficiency of doing the housework will not be guaranteed. In addition, it is best to work together with two people to have a certain degree of competitiveness, otherwise, it will be too dull. In the end, the action of the game cannot be too large, because the single apartment we live in is not too big.


  1. I think it is me because I am responsible for cooking every day. We almost divide the other housework.
  2. Sure. I like to be busy with my husband. It is the bond of our family relationship. In addition, both of us like tidying up, so I will not refuse to join in the housework.
  3. I think it would be a little lonely if my husband did not accompany me to do housework.
  4. I think it would be interesting. We like playing video games together, so if the game is designed for us, the characteristics of PVP should be strong enough. In addition, if this game can be played for a long time, our housework may be more interesting

Infinity diagram

We conclude a part of the reply from the questionnaire, probe, and interview. We divide them into two categories generally. One of them is motivation and another one is the disincentive. We want to adopt the view from the motivation and avoid the situation in disincentive.


To do

The affinity diagram will be finished next week and the core function will be realized next week. The report and the video will also be completed in time.