Bonnie Wang - Sun 3 May 2020, 11:25 pm

This week I mainly did some game flow and game plot design. Regarding the flow of the game, in the original conceptual design, the user will complete the game operation step by step according to the sound prompt. Now, I have considered adding some tactile feedback to the game props. For example, during a game challenge, the user ’s actions can not only get feedback through different sound effects, but also in some special actions such as selecting the game mode, confirming or returning, there will be corresponding feedback on the game props through vibration or other form. The specific way we need to further discuss within the group.

In addition, about the design of the game story line, there are three main parts, which are the three modes of the corresponding game. In the original conceptual design, our idea was to set three game modes which are simple, medium, and difficult modes for players to choose. But now, I think it is not necessary to divide the game mode according to the difficulty of the game, because the difficulty of the game can gradually become more difficult with the design of the storyline and it can be run through the entire game storyline without setting the game difficulty separately. Therefore, based on this idea, I currently classify the game modes according to the purpose of the game, such as story mode, practice mode, multiplayer mode and challenge mode.

  • Story mode

Story mode is a level-crossing mode that follows the main story line.

  • Practice mode

In the practice mode, players will not be punished for failure, and they can fight for an unlimited number of times and indefinitely.

  • Multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode, the game will make some cooperative levels and other content according to the number of players.

  • Challenge mode

Challenge mode is a way for players to constantly challenge their limits by refreshing customs clearance time or game scores.

The above are some changes to the game mode, but the specific details also need further discussion and negotiation.