Kuan Liu - Sun 17 May 2020, 10:01 pm

Reflection on Miro

While writing the report, I figured it was good to edit ‘the thing’ on Miro after I had refined my concept over time. I thought it would also help me to organize a bit when I wrote my report. I first placed the smoke machine and terrarium under one thing, but then I realized it was two things because they are different sizes and materials used. This is helpful to understand and learn how to build the project from scratch and all the process it's important to record and refine until the final product is done.


Making the terrarium

When I was putting together my terrarium, it was harder than I thought it was. Placing rocks and adding the soils were not easy as I wanted to have the stones to show rather than all covered with soils. The appearance won’t be pleasant to look at, and it lost the soul of people perceive about terrarium rather than soil in the glass bottle. I had two attempts before I succeed in making.

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