Week9 Reflection

Wentai Ouyang - Sun 17 May 2020, 5:55 pm


On this week's contact, we made group critique on other group's videos and report. As for my individual concept, I also get some feedback from other teams.

feedback1: "We feel that this concept is rather complex for a beginner coder, and teaches users how to code via trial and error, rather than understanding the actual effect the functions they are using have. "

reflection: the demo I showed in my prototype video is not the final version of my work, actually the purpose of my work is to help people understand the logic of programming. maybe in the next stage, I can add a normal mode, so that the user can use the keyboard to tap the common code to control the game characters, so that users can experience another programming learning method, and they can learn how to code by trial and error.

feedback2: "you’ve incorporated binary into it, which allows for effective translation between the punch card holes, and the code that it inputs. However, similarly to the previous point, this may also be difficult for beginner coders, who are unlikely to have basic binary knowledge, and may present a rather steep learning curve as they are learning both unfamiliar code and binary. "

reflection: I didn't explain him clearly in the video, actually the binary code I mentioned in my video is just used to explain how the punch card reader works, users can easily operate the punch card reader without the knowledge of binary numbers. In my final work, all punch cards will be printed with card information, which can help users identify each card.

feedback3: "in the experience process, these things we make ourselves can more intuitively express what we want to express. For example, we can let children make their own punch card, and use the card they made to let the device complete some different operations."

reflection: This is a good suggestion, let the children make punch cards by themselves to increase the fun of the works. But this function is not very helpful for programming learning, it can only be used as a supplement to the fun of the work.

feedback4: "Is it possible to add some other functions. Because I know that Arduino kit contains many small parts. If you add something on the device such as touch switch-control the device to turn on and off. 8x8 led display- used to display some simple expressions. After all, this is a device made for children, and making the device look more interesting in this way can arouse their curiosity."

reflection: It is a good idea, maybe I can make two physical buttons to replace the two virtual buttons on the browser.