Bonnie Wang - Sun 17 May 2020, 9:49 pm
Modified: Sun 17 May 2020, 9:59 pm

Indiviual work

The prototype of my individual part has been completed this week. This part mainly includes game mode settings, storyline settings and game level settings.

Regarding the game mode, compared to the previous solution, I deleted the multiplayer mode in the most recent version, because the user's safety is considered. Because players are required to blindfold when playing games if multiple people are moving in a closed space, it is easy to collide with each other. Based on this change, the final game mode includes story mode, practice mode and challenge mode.

Regarding the storyline of the game, after launching the brainstorming activity and affinity diagram activity, I summarized five types of storyline themes. Then I launched a voting campaign on these five topics. The options mainly include detectives to solve cases, heroes to save the beauty, zombie strikes, save the world, find love, and others.

Here is the result of the vote.


A total of 32 users participated in the voting, and the theme that received the most votes was the zombie theme. Therefore, based on this result, I first developed a zombie-themed game plot.

In the zombie theme, players will play a hero against zombies to protect the residents of the city from harm.

In the part of the game level setting, the simplest level is to identify the direction of the zombie according to the sound of the zombie, so as to shoot the zombie. The later levels are more difficult because players need to identify the direction of zombies in various interference sound effects, which is a challenge to players.

Prototype demo

In addition to this, the prototype video demo and supporting documentation needs to be completed this week. At present, my individual part has been basically completed, and the video editing work will be completed before next Monday.