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Memory Wardrobe

Heng Jiang - Sat 14 March 2020, 6:31 pm


My design is a memory wardrobe. My inspiration comes from Doraemon's memory bread. Eat this bread and you will get corresponding memories. Over time, we will forget many good memories. For example, trips and meetings. My design is to let the wardrobe record the memories of each trip (through the clothes worn at the time)


main function

The main function is to record a memory for each piece of clothes that user puts in. Wardrobe will challenge the user to wear clothes that have not been worn for a long time. During challenge, the wardrobe will tell him about this memory.

sharing memory

In addition, if the user allows it, wardrobe will link other memories wardrobes and exchange interesting memories with each other. Users can view these memories and share them.





Week 3 - World Cafe

Heng Jiang - Tue 10 March 2020, 2:41 pm
Modified: Tue 10 March 2020, 3:08 pm

Bothersome tech


We separately discussed the audiences, situation, application and experience for these designs. In fact, we think these designs are designed by people who want to become better. Although these designs are annoy, the aim of them is good.

design for:

  • people with bad habits
  • live alone / no caretakers
  • socially phobia

which situation:

  • getting up
  • eating
  • going out for fun
  • environments with relapse

experience we are designing:

  • uncomfortable
  • afraid to communicate with others
  • forced to finish
  • feel unsafe

jail break

It encourages users to go out and not always stay at home.


It makes people get up on time.

smart shoes

It keeps users away from unhealthy foods and maintains .weight

Emotional intelligence

This theme is roughly divided into two points, sharing emotions and expressing emotions

sharing emotions


The skyscraper is a building with love lights, and it could connect to other skyscraper. It will show same pattern. So, other person will sharing your emotions.

This design is a good expression of sharing emotions.

expressing emotions

party cup

Party cup is designed for fun and funky looks. It's a glass that glows, When partying, lights of different colors light up and express different emotions.

This design is a good expression of expression emotions.

self introduction

Heng Jiang - Tue 10 March 2020, 2:18 pm


My name is Heng JIANG. I'm a bachelor of IT student. It's my last year in UQ. I prefer handwork and design.

This is a 4 unit course and I hope I can get more interesting experiences during this course. After UQ Innovate Induction and Soldering 101 Induction. I am so interested at those. hope that this semester I can learn and use these skills and tools

week 1 challenge

Heng Jiang - Tue 3 March 2020, 10:55 am


I think the most important challenge is learning and creativity. Because we need to learn all basic knowledge before we design, whatever products or idea. We could create new things only after mastering the knowledge. The hardest part is how to create after learning. About learning and creativity, the main issue is find the balance between serious and fun. If more serious, students may not interest at them. If more fun, it's hard to concentrate on study.

Imgur Imgur

Project Inspiration

Heng Jiang - Mon 2 March 2020, 9:40 pm


I was inspired by my friend. He told me that he had a lot of clothes, some of them only worn once or twice. Sometimes it was difficult to choose for different places. I think there should be many people like him who don’t know how to choose clothes. Even wear inappropriate clothes for some specific occasions. So I have this idea. It will collect your personal information and combine your color and style according to your occupation, identity, frequent occasions, personal preferences, etc. to meet your occasion needs.


This is a wardrobe that automatically helps users choose clothes. In front of the wardrobe, there is an electronic screen. It is used to collect user information and can interact with users.When the user uses it for the first time, they need to enter their basic information, and then enter information according to prompts, such as destination, what to do today



auto choose clothes