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Project Ideas & Inspirations

Shawn Xue - Mon 2 March 2020, 8:53 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 4:03 am



How it works

The display shows a virtual pet. The hand tracker detects your hand movements and mimics them on the screen. You can then stroke or play with the virtual pet using your own hands.


  • Stress
  • People who can't have pets



Leap Motion(Ultraleap)'s controlers are able to precisely track hand movements and gestures which provides opportunity for various creative projects.

Week 1: Introduction

Shawn Xue - Fri 28 February 2020, 2:16 am

Hello good people. I'm Shawn and I'm in my final year of my BIT(UX) program. I'm always interested in game and web development, and I'm expecting to gain experience in noval interaction design from this course. I'm very excited getting to know all of u and collaborate with u guys.