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Project Adjustment for Exhibition

Ryan O'Shea - Sun 14 June 2020, 6:55 pm
Modified: Sun 14 June 2020, 6:55 pm

Gesture Based Research

For the gestures that I want to use in my robotic hand, first I need to make sure that none of them offend people. Therefore, to quickly gather some data I asked several people around the target market base of 18 -30 years old what gestures offended them, and in what context. Many of these gestures were deemed offensive but required more of the human body than just one hand like my robot. With a lack of body and other hand, many of these gestures are impossible or if attempted don’t look the same and aren’t offensive. For those gestures that can be done only two were an issue, with flipping the bird and using two fingers to represent ‘up yours’ were deemed offensive by some, however the context was when the gesture was directed at them by others, especially those they don’t know or when in an argument this gesture would insult them if done with intent. After asking whether these gestures done by a disembodied robotic arm would be as offensive, most participants responded with no, rather it would be humorous or novel to see, not offensive. There was nobody in my research group who would want a robot to not do these basic gestures due to a caused offense in this group.

Use of Research

Overall this showed me that it would be okay to use seemingly offensive gestures for my robot as they don’t come from a harmful place and is rather a novel method of interaction and shouldn’t offend anyone in the user group. The only potential issue is with second-hand viewers like children, however the nature of the concept doesn’t mix well with kids as the moving parts and many wires make the product fragile and susceptible to being broken, therefore in my project these gestures will be used to convey aggressive intent by the robot.

Update to Research

It is now week 13 and Lorna has just notified me that using the middle finger emoji in my branding of ‘hand signs’ for my portfolio could be unsuitable as school kids are attending the online exhibition. While the kids themselves might revel in the included ‘vulgar’ gestures, their parents would less than enthused. Rather than risk the concern, these gestures will be censored and not used in the robot, and more simple emoji notices will be used in the design (from middle finger to thumbs down on the site) in order to reduce the risk of possible offense to parents or guardians of the attending kids.

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Project Concept-Skyscraper

Jiexiang Xu - Mon 2 March 2020, 8:41 pm
Modified: Tue 3 March 2020, 2:25 pm



What is Skyscraper

Skyscraper is a desktop lamp. It looks like a tall building with lots of windows. Behind each window is an LED bulb. Skyscraper is able to record gestures made by users and convert these gestures into electronic form, and then present them on the surface of the desk lamp. In addition, the user can also control the state of the light emitted by each window, such as the brightness, color, flicker frequency and chronological order of the light grid. After the user completes the innovation, Skyscraper can connect to another one via the network, and can project the produced pattern on the second device. Since the device is mainly based on gesture interaction, the innovative form has a strong appeal. Moreover, for users, the patterns of each work are unique and will not be repeated.

In essence, Skyscraper is an interesting table lamp. In addition to the basic functions (lighting), the desk lamp can customize and transmit information to help users express their emotions and convey love, thereby enhancing the relationship between people.

Target audience:

Any people with intimate relationships (parent-child / couple / close friends) can use Skyscraper as long as they want to express their emotions in a special and romantic way. In addition, People who are shy at accepting and expressing love can also use it to relieve anxiety, improve empathy, and increase their sensitivity to other people's emotional responses.


  • There are words on the tall buildings in Shanghai
  • "Human body printer"



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