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Week4_Proposal Presentation

Kuan Liu - Sun 29 March 2020, 11:45 pm

School had paused for a week due to the COVIN-19. I didn't know the pandemic would become so extreme to the point that we had to shelter in place. I have been quite emotional about what everything had happened, especially for the change to this course. I was totally looking forward to the exhibition at this end of this semester because I had heard lots of good things from the people who had taken the class. Also, I had seen the exhibition last year; it was so fun and amazing in the works they had done. I was so keen to make something cool and memorable to show in the exhibition. To have a formal exhibition outside of the campus was definitely an unforgettable experience. But I am sure this online class is going to be a unique and historical experience for everyone. Anyhow, I will put into the same effort that I committed for this class and make the best out of it.

This week's online class on Zoom was new, and it was interesting and fun that seeing everyone visually for a short time (before it crashed). We still manage to efficiently run the class, watch the presentation, critique others' work, and communicate. Thank you for the technology so that we could still run our classes due to the restriction we had. Overall, I think it was pretty good except on Tuesday the Zoom crushed in the second half of the class, but we still got the work done that is all matters.

Looking at other teams' presentations, I felt most of the concept was pretty well developed and fit into the requirement of their domain and the requirement from the brief to have open-ended and playful in everyday life. However, few were still need to develop it more within their domain and to move away from basic interaction.

Our team

We were happy that we finally got it done. The result was not as good as what I was expected because it missed out on an essential point that we forgot to include in our presentation. We forgot to mention in the skits or in the slide that the global color would change in the cumulative process approach rather than just based on the individual input. Therefore, from the feedback we got, people were missed understanding a little bit about our concept. It got pointed out in most of the critiques, which I was appreciated because I didn't realize until I see the critique. We totally forgot about adding it because it was our initial ideas when we conducted in our meeting.

Based on all the critique we had, here are some of the things that our team needs to look at: no binary option for asking the users about global warming, need to have a specific target user, a specific location for our activity. We are going to refine it more in our next meeting.

We had a quick chat after the presentation with some of my team members; one was not available due to some personal work. We all look at the critiques we got and pointed out some critical issues in our concept that we would need to address. Later we chatted with tutors and asked questions about how we could use different ways to ask the question without binary options? What specific target users could we possibly be the focus? Where should we have the activity? Is the interaction sufficient? I know it may sound like we didn't think through in our design process; however, we were at a point none of us could have any new ideas. We all that everyone was responsible for global warming since we all lived on the planet. It was too broad, and we need a concise user group. We glad that we talked with the tutors, and they provided some very useful information on how we can approach our project.

Using smoke, smell, water, and maybe use sound was still something that we would want to include in our project. Conversely, we would still need to do more research about it.

Individual process

I did some research for inspiration for our project. I want to see if I can find people who had done similar projects or installation, but instead, I found some images or illustrations. It was close to what we would want for our installation to be. It was fun when I was doing the research, and later I also made some sketches. Besides sketching and finding inspiration, I was also helping to put all the presentations together.

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

What's next?

Our team had a Zoom meeting on Friday and Sunday to talk first filled up some information with the member that was missing from the meeting after the presentation. We all go over again to address how we are going to have different ways of input. We were also looking at the team proposal paper together and discussing in each section to understand what we need to write and what information we would need to gather. At the end of the meeting on Friday, each of us needed to have 2 ideas about different ways of input and read two academic peer-reviewed papers before we had another meeting on Sunday.

On Sunday(today), we had a meeting at 3:30 pm, and we shared what we had found and the summary of the academic papers we read. We go over the paper again and start signing the job by section. Hopefully, we would have done a day before the due day and not last minutes again.

Here are the notes I took and some were from the academic paper:

Imgur Imgur

What am I exploring?

I was not sure what individual work I would want to do earlier today because I felt smell, smoke/fog, and water were all so cool to make. I couldn't decide which one I want, as I am doing more research on how to make smoke and watching many videos on YouTube. I think I am keen to make smoke for my individual prototype. I figured that I could make fogs instead of smoke because they have a similar look of the effect. I know one is from water other is from fire. Maybe I could use fog to substitute from the smoke. I will ask the tutor again when we have our Zoom section on Tuesday. I hope I could do it; then I can start ordering supplies online so I can start working on it. Since I have never done it before, I want to have enough time to play around. While I was watching YouTube, I am so looking forward to building it.

Here are some of the links I found:

Mini Smoke Machine for Cosplay - YouTube

DIY Super Powerful Fog Machine under 10$ - YouTube