Joournal Week 3

Zihan Qi - Sun 15 March 2020, 4:07 pm
Modified: Sun 15 March 2020, 4:08 pm

What we have done

This week was mainly World Cafe, and we had a group discussion on everyone's posters, trying to get new inspiration from everyone's posters. I have understood and discussed about Beautify the Self, Enhanced mundane spaces, Emotional totems, and Body as controller. I found that some design concepts seem to be abstract, such as Emotional totems and Beautify the Self. Everyone ’s emotions and experiences are there. Differently, it seems that more detailed investigations are needed in the design of emotions. From my personal experience, the impact of the environment on human experience is relatively abstract. In fact, as I browsed all the posters, I discovered some very interesting ways to interact, such as smell. There are a lot of scent experience projects in some cities, such as the scent museum, which have attracted great interest. If we can reasonably use scent for interaction design, I think it will be very interesting. On Wednesday we organized the group. I chose the Body as controller direction. I met new team members, and after communicating, I found out that they have a different understanding of this topic from me. I believe we will have a very special design.

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I also participated in the course of UQ innovate, which introduced some production and processing machines and laser cutting machines that we may use. The content includes how to use the machine, safety regulations and safety measures. I used similar machines in my undergraduate period, and I am very happy to be able to contact them again, and hope to use more of them in the future.


What to do next

Immediately after the team was formed, we arranged for the next plan. Based on what each of us thinks, we will determine our next design field. Discuss some interaction methods and interactive devices in the field. Eventually we will conduct brainstorming and concept map activities to evaluate our interaction methods. In the end, we will come up with a solution that best suits our field and has a strong interactive experience.